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zuchelli. It turns out that when it first began publishing Vid would turn a 17 page comic book into 32, cutting up panels and turning them into full pagers to fill the quota that Novaro had used before. These panels were photographically enlarged, with a subsequent and substantial loss of quality. My suggestion Muerte en la Famila was that they would get better results if I were to trace over the pictures and , to my surprise, the editor agreed. I started working right away. The first results left much to be desired, but over time, the quality improved to the point that someone wrote a letter to the publisher praising the work. At the same time I was assigned the translation of the first chapter of Miller and Mazzuchelli´s “Batman: Year One”. I spoke to the editor about the details in the plot, which I already knew and asked him if we should translate it in the style of self-censorship that prevailed at Novaro. Having agreed to do so, I softened the tone of Frank Miller´s story. Much to my surprise, the end result did not seem to please the powers that be who requested the work be re-done. On the other hand, the touch-up of Mazzuchelli´s work was the best I had accomplished. The strong lines and shadows used by this artist facilitated the process. However, the panel enlargement system was abandoned after only three issues much to my bad luck but for the comic book´s benefit I must admit. After a three year hiatus I was assigned another translating job. But when the opportunity came it was well received and I tried to put my best into the various issues of Batman and Detective Comics that I translated. My favorite translation from that period is “A Death in the Family” whose first chapter was my last job as a translator and first as assistant editor, a position I got afContinued on page 10 Gustavo’s Hidden Signatures Mexican (altered) American Original Gustavo would quite often hide easter eggs in his work. Leaving his hidden mark on the comics he so loved. Page 8