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for a foreign language. English was almost unknown for me then. So I started private lessons to learn the language of my beloved heroes at the age of 12, this was way after other kids in school started learning English. My only reason for doing this was to finally learn to read this stuff from the source because even then I knew how terrible the translations were on the Kabanas books. D999. Ahhhhh the Greek (Howard the Duck)”Χάουαρντ Ντακ” issue #3 actually used the Marvel Howard the Duck issue #3 cover right? The great one with “Master of Quack Foo” on it, while Howard jumps in frame with a cigar in his mouth! I don’t think Marvel could get away with letting any of their characters smoke on a cover nowadays with the anti-smoking stigma. So are you telling me you asked your parents for English lessons so you could read American comic books? I find it extremely interesting as well that as a young child you became “zombified” as a result of what Marvel was doing and that there was that much of a difference in what American comics were doing at the time compared to the rest of the world. Even with bad translation you could tell the difference in tone I guess. Maybe with the loosening up of the CCA during the Bronze Age here in America and the continuation of more adult themes this captured your attention. Is this why Kabanas chose to use the marketing slogan “Rough Generation”? Very fascinating stuff Vassilis. Where did you purchase your Kabanas books? Newsstands being the main avenue in Greece for comics? Also, were many of your friends following you into “zombification” or were you on a solo mission? And one more question since Howard had his own Political party in the comics and from my understanding actually received write in votes during the U.S. Presidential Election of 1976. After the ruling military junta collapsed in Greece in the early 70’s, I have read that there was a strong anti-American sentiment that persisted into the early 80’s. Im guessing because America supported the junta politically. Is this anti-American sentiment true and did this have any effect on the success of the Marvel/Kabanas books? Page 7 VC. Ahhh, those were the times! And it’s a surprise of course, but the covers on Χάουαρντ matched the inside material! I t