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Editors note: I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every time someone said “you want info on Kabanas, you have to ask MORIBUS”! After a short time, the Greek comic fan forum members directed me to Vasilis, AKA MORIBUS. Through researching the Kabanas Hellas Greek books and getting to know Vasilis through PM’s I realized real quick that his story was pretty amazing. It had to be told, so I set up a Q & A interview by email with him. Pretty quickly we were talking about comics and philosophy and its connection with Nazi fascism! Who knew the Greek experience with American superheroes could have such complexity? Who knew one of the coolest stories of Bronze age fandom was just waiting for the right circumstance and make its way to America? Define999 Continued from page 3 the characteristics that define the genre. And he precedes Superman. Didn’t like much that story, but when I read the next one, with Wilson Mcoy in the art department, I went crazy for the character! I searched like a maniac for every single issue of the Phantom series that was published before and after that one! D999. Hey, I have nothing but respect for cold glasses of water and their ability to rejuvenate the spirit! The Phantom is a very respectable introduction. As I’ve aged and learned a little more about his history I have much more respect for Lee Falk’s creation. So Kabanas was your window into the American superhero genera. Makes sense the Kabanas books have such a place in your heart. So, with the Phantom you got your first taste. Did you continue feeding when the “Rough Generation” came out? What was your In the other photo you can see me in my library, eight years ago I think, showing with pride the original Red Sonja book that I had read in this very first Χάουαρντ Ντακ issue, 37 years back!!-Vasilis Page 5 first Marvel “Rough Generation” book? Also, if you may be so kind in letting me hit you with dual questions! Thinking a bit about your future concerning your translating gig for a moment, at what age did you start learning English? VC. Well Matt, my first taste of the “Rough Generation” books was two years Χάουαρντ Ντακ #3 later with a “Χάουαρντ Ντακ” book that contained a Howard the Duck (Steve Gerber/John Buscema), a Red Sonja (Frank Thorne) and a Two-Gun-Kid story. Let me first tell you, that I already was an avid fan of comics. I collected almost everything that was published in those days that was of Italian or French origin the most but my favorite remained, of course, the Phantom. I loved greatly the Popeye strip by Bud Saggendorf from Dragounis Publishing as well. So, I’ll say this: After I finished the Χάουαρντ book, I couldn’t even to Ս