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Sharing a love of superheroes, two comic superfans also share a similar story. Through love and hard work, they find themselves chasing dreams while translating American comic stories into thier native langauges. TRANSLATOR’S NOTES Q&A Editorial Novaro: 1981 D999. I’m drinking a nice cold glass of Stella Artois beer. What are you drinking? What’s your full name, how old are you and when was the first time you saw a superhero from America? by Gustavo Medina For a sixteen-year old fan, walking into Editorial Novaro, the publishing behemoth that housed the largest offset printing plant in Latin America was quite an experience. The parking lot leading to the main entrance was guarded by giant trash cans featuring the characters of Robert Hargreaves´s Mr. Men series, the stars of a series of mini-books produced there for the Spanish-speaking public. Luis Novaro had left behind his job as editor of La Prensa and now had offices worthy of Perry White´s Daily Planet. There were countless corridors filled with rows of cubicles occupied by workers engaged in editing, typesetting and other tasks inherent to the world of publishing. All novice translators were entrusted, as their first assignment, to work in children’s magazines such as Chiquilladas (Lil´ Archie) or Flamita (Hot Stuff). Surely, this kind of comic book was easier to translate, at least according to the publishers. Once their first assignment was delivered, novice translators had to wait for the verdict of the elderly, honorable Novaro copy proofreaders. Their Gustavo Medina and the “King” Jack recommendation often Kirby. Page 3 Continued on page 4 VC. I am drinking one nice cup of fresh...water, Matt! My name is Vassilis Chilas, I am 45 years old and my first contact with the superhero genre was 39 years ago when I read my first Phantom story written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry in a, yes you guessed it right, early Kabanas mini book! For many Americans, the Phantom doesn’t count as a real superhero because he doesn’t have superpowers, but for me this is the first character with all So in this photo circa 1978, as a 9 year old boy, on the island of Paros I think, with my mother by my side, I’m holding two books. One being a Mickey Mouse magazine that featured among others a Paul Murray story, and another one that is definitely a Marvel Kabanas’ book but I can’t tell which one. In those days I always protected the valuable Marvels by covering them ݥѠ