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Contributors, Friends, Awesome Peeps Issue 4, July 4, 2014 All images are copyrighted and propterty of thier respective rights holders I am crazy, thirsty, broke, but super excited about issue 4 and the amazing articles brought to light! I am also feeling very very guilty about how late this issue was. If Tim lived near me im sure he would have strangled me long ago. I promise Tim this will never happen again. Define999, Editor, Foreign Comic Collector Magazine Thanks for reading FCC everyone, I hope you enjoyed this issue. It was a long time coming but based on the way it turned out I think it’s safe to say that the whole staff here at FCC is proud of it. Be sure to give us some feedback about what you like (or don’t) about the magazine. We’ll keep doing our best to bring you stories and features about the history of foreign comics and the people that collect them. LSComics, Assistant Editor, Foreign Comic Collector Magazine Gustavo Medina is probably the first fan turned Pro in Mexico City. He began translating comic books at Editorial Novaro in 1981. He then went on to translate more than 200 comic books for Novedades Editores, The Mexican House of Ideas and ended his career at Editorial Vid as both a translator and an Editor. He now makes a living as an English Teacher. Vassilis Chilas was, and probably is, crazy enough to be a comics collector, translator, creator and most recently, publisher in a country that lent the word “comics” but don’t know the exact meaning of it! All this madness started so many years ago with a man in violet tights and continues strong to this day! God have mercy on him!! Steve Barghusen has been collecting Archie comics since long before it was cool to do so. He finished his golden and silver age American Archie collection a few years ago, and since then he’s been working on collecting the rest of the world... Tom Burton - I’ve been collecting Archie comics since I was a child. My interests also include Barks Ducks, Little Lulu, and Timely/Marvel teen books from the 1940’s. I got interested in foreign comics when a childhood friend brought back some “Archi” comics back from a visit to Mexico. My favorite foreign comics are the 1950’s Archi comics published by Editorial Novaro and the Canadian White editions of early Archie Pep comics from Canada. Do you have a foreign comic related idea or story for us? Please contact us at