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Welcome to Foreign Comic Collector Issue 4, July 4, 2014 All images are copyrighted and propterty of thier respective rights holders Oh my it’s been a crazy couple of months! Since Issue 3 we here at FCC have attended our first con, partnered with, changed the look of the magazine a bit, created our own forum/database, and pursued the most complex foreign comic related story we have ever attempted. I have to thank all my partners in crime for this, Vassilis, Gustavo, Tim, Liam, David, and all of you, our readers, for your continued support and passion for what we do. Unfortunately issue 4 was very, very late, please accept my apologizes. Pretty please? Being close to a year into doing this thing we have also realized that it can get a tad bit more expensive than we thought. I hate plugging our Paypal donation button on our site but I feel like I must. If you love what we are doing and you have a desire to donate a few dollars we sure would appreciate it. Guess what? We printed some physical copies for distribution at Indy Con and we were very pleased with how those copies turned out. We would like to continue printing physical copies and in the future hope to provide all of our readers the option of purchasing a physical copy of the magazine. All in due time I guess. Currently, advertising in the magazine itself or on the site is still a no-go. This will happen at the appropriate time but again, I am hoping this will come about in an organic manner. Thanks for reading my excuses, forgiving me, and still checking us out. Enjoy the great stories we have worked hard to bring to light in this issue. Define999, Editor Foreign Comic Collector Magazine On the Cover A side by side comparison of two very important splash pages of foreign Fantastic Four 127’s. Why are they important? Because both the Spanish Novidades version and the Mamoth Greek version were translated by two amazing comic superfans, Vasilis Chilas and Gustavo Medina! Translation is a very important element of the re-purposing process of American comics for foreign markets. Featured in this issue: A Tale of Two Translators pg 3 The two sepearate but similar stories of super fans, Vasilis and Gustavo. Archie all over the world pg 16 Steve Barghusen takes us on a journey exploring the foreign Archie’s. Sourcers Corner pg 19 Need help sourcing foreigns? We help you with weapons and hunting grounds. Limelight: Strange Adventures, The Complete Mexican Run pg 20 This incredible difficult run took LSComics 4 years to complete. Truely somthing American eyes have probably never before seen in its entirety. Check out our new forum where you can be a part of the discussion. Come join us at www.foreigncomicdb. Page 2