Foreign Comic Collector - Page 19

Often times while talking with collectors with some history sourcing books for this niche of the hobby the metaphor of the big game hunt is brought up. Also, the idea of super rare books sometimes being referred to as “white buffalos” enters the lingo. Why would such an uncommon beast come to mind? Personally I like to think it’s because of foreign hunters imaginative use of metaphor, ha! But maybe it’s because sourcing foreigns is so similar to a big game hunt in that without the right amount of patience and skill the “white buffalo” will elude you. Much like Moby Dick’s Ahab that foreign prey is guaranteed to drive you to insanity! Always remember information is the foreign hunters best weapon. Foreign database/auction/forum sites will lead to better weapons and hunting grounds. As recently as a few years ago the research re- -The place with the most comprehensive collection of EBAL’s on the web! Grand Comics Database -Quite possibly the largest comic database in the world! They have both American and foreign books here, amazingly huge amount of foreign material. Collezionismo Fumetti -The be all end all of Italian databases. - The online equivalent to the master guide for French heritage comics. Page 19 - Need to research Mexican editions cross-refrenced with thier American counterpart? This site is it! quired just to prove a book existed was extremely daunting. Similar to how the Rosetta stone opened up a new world for ancient language translation, until a database or forum could be found an entire country or regions foreign comic output remained unknown and locked away. Over time, through the sharing of information amongst the hardcore foreign hunters, we have compiled a list of foreign databases and forums that makes finding that info much easier. Some of the best of these sites you will find below for your research. FCC is also actively working on our own major database, thanks to the efforts of our DB/forum coordinator Liam Sturgess, but until then it’s probably best to move this list of sites into your browsers bookmarks. Remember friends, information is powerful, use it combined with these sites to help you source foreign books. by Define999 -The largest known database for Australian foreign books. Always growing and constantly being added to! - A French database for all things French. - A great Brazilian and Portuguese database that will have all the newer stuff that isn’t EBAL. - A great site to find info on Ger