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titles featuring a single character, Novaro would instead publish a single title for that character and rotate the contents from different U.S. titles featuring that character. For Archi, the first Editoral Novaro issue was published in December 1956. The title originated as a monthly but quickly changed to a biweekly Muchas Gracias Comics #59 schedule producing 26 Mexico issues a year. The first issue was a translation of Laugh Comics #76 which had been published in the U.S. several months earlier (August 1956). In the case of Archie, Novaro published a single title “Archi” which rotated content from issues of Archie, Laugh, and Pep. As the publication schedule increased in the 1960’s, issues of Betty and Veronica and Jughead were included in the rotation as well. In addition to the regular Archie series, Little Archie comics were alternated with non-Archie titles in a children’s series “Chiquillidas.” Josie comics were occasionally included as part of the rotation of another title “Travesuras A Go-Go” The Archi series that began in 1957 was a full sized, 32 page comic. Certain titles such as Archie Annual were released as special giant size issues described as a “numero extraordinario.” These were not included in the regular series numbering but were treated somewhat as bonus issues to subscribers. So for example, an annual subscriber would receive 26 regular issues and 4 numero extraordinario issues. Novaro continued publishing the Archi title up until 1985. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1985 following the huge earthquake that struck Mexico City at that time. Archi #99 Mexico Archie #1 British Edition Archie #35 Canadian Jughead #1 Australian The Archie Gang #23 Australian There were 3 different bookstores in the Philippines that licensed DC, Marvel, and Dell material. They are Alemar, Goodwill, and National bookstores. Page 18 Filipino bookstore foreigns are extremely rare and tough to find.