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American collecting scene. In the early ‘60s Archie published comics that were identical to the American version with the exception of the price, which was in pence rather than cents. These are similar to the Marvel pence copies of that era. Australia Super Comics V2 #4 Canada Page 17 Teen #22 Australia Of all the English language books, Australia had the longest runs of Archie titles. Starting some time in the early ‘50s, John Edwards released titles such as Archie, The Archie Gang, Teen, Pep and others. The early issues are 24 pages long, including the covers; later issues have 24 interior pages plus the covers. The earlier issues have paper covers, while the later ones have somewhat better cover paper stock. All have interiors in black and white. These sometimes feature (often crudely) redrawn covers, changing the characters from one Archie character to another. For example, Pep #18 is a redrawn version of the American Gi