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A few more questions my friend and I think we can wrap this up! In all of your time reading, being involved in the creation of and the translation of Marvel stuff did any of the story lines/canon ever change in unique or interesting ways that you remember? ’m also wondering what you are doing now? Are you still in the comic industry? If so, where can we see more of your work? Are there any questions you were hoping to answer that I didn’t get to? Please don’t hesitate to touch on subjects we might not have broached. VC. I once visited the printing company but wasn’t there long enough to see the press working, but that’s okay, at least I got the originals!! I still have some of them I think. You know, as a paranoid fan, in the years that followed, I replaced most of these really mistreated (by the female staff) issues with others in higher grade. I do this with everything in my collection that isn’t in desirable shape. For this reason I had, a long time ago, so many copies of the Kabanas books. In the end though I sold most of the Mammoth issues to other “sick men” like me. (As I did with all of the Kabanas “eliminated duplicates” as I like to call them.) I think that the first hardcore convention, the Comicdom Con, took place in 2006 at the Athens building of the Hellenic-American Union, it’s still held there. The years before that event we had the Babel festival that was hosted in the old (renovated for exhibitions and other cultural events) Athens gas factory where as well as comics they had some music and theater events. To understand how small the Greek comics industry is let me tell you that the guys that started the Con were my colleagues in two fanzines that specialized in American comics. The Comicmania fanzine was published in 1993 and it was the first of it’s kind in Greece. As I told you before, an that convention every living soul that attended, in some way, is involved with comics in Greece, so cannot but be present. After the suspension of the Babel festival, the Comicdom Con is now the only major comics event and enjoys great public- Page 15 ity from the press too. The thing about the “fatality factor” of the feminine creative staff in Mammoth had to do primarily with the dispensable role women employees had for many years in Greece and secondly with the ignorance and sometimes aversion they usually shared about comics. I remember a very young girl named Elpida that was an extr