Foreign Comic Collector - Page 11

VC. In my school days I thought that I was the greatest artist of all time because I could imitate almost perfectly the most crowded Gil Kane covers, something none of my friends or schoolmates could ever do. It was a talent that impressed the girls too! So, as you can understand, I made my own complete 20 page comic story at a very early age, I think at 10, and my first creation was (what else?) a Greek superhero! As the years passed, I honed my skills in drawing and writing, and by the middle 80’s I had finished a 6 page story that, in my mind, was publishable. The sole problem was that as a superhero / science fiction kind of story there wasn’t any place for it. In the meantime, about 1986, Mammoth started to publish some Marvel material that was totally different from Kabanas, in the quality department, and I‘ll say no more on that! So I started to write fan letters to Mammoth. The guys there must have been impressed by my passio