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and French reprints and graded books. In the third phase more numbers for each series were available (not only American key issues) and also the variety of countries represented increased (Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece). After that the European comic variant market become the worldwide comic variant market (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico) and a magazine, Foreign Comic Collector, appeared on the horizon to inform buyers and sellers alike about the potential of the market! :-) Liam: Who do you find your customer base to be? Is there a significant ratio between North American customers, European customers, and the rest of the world? Mario: Yes, this is the case. Roughly 80 percent of my customers are from the United States and 15 percent from Canada. The other 5 percent are buyers from the UK, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Japan), Australia, Israel and Russia. Within the US there are a lot of buyers specifically from Texas, New York and California, but also lots from other states. From my point of view, the US comic collector market is the most professional (and ambitious) comic market in the world [when referring to the foreign comic market]. Liam: Which books stand out as most desirable to your general customer base? Mario: The following list shows the most desired (overall): 1. Incredible Hulk #181 German variants (Regular and Gold Foil) 2. Amazing Fantasy #15 German, Italian, and Spanish variants 3. Amazing Spider-Man #1 German variants 4. Amazing Spider-Man #300 Spanish, Italian and French variants In the Mexican La Prensa Spiderman run, Gwen Stacy didnt die but married our favorite webslinger! Officialy sanctioned by Marvel, or done on the sly? Depends on who you ask. 5. Amazing spider-man #129 German, Italian, Netherlands, Spanish variants 6. Venom #0 Italian variant (Platinum Cover) 7. Amazing Spider-Man #238 German, Spanish, Italian variants 8. X-Men #94 German variant 9. Fantastic Four #1 German variant 10. Tales of Suspense #39 German variant Liam: Very interesting – I see some books on there that I personally search for on a regular basis, including a few I’ve bought from you! Thank you so much for sitting down and discussing this with me! I think we’ve touched on some points that will be interesting for our readers to think about, and I really enjoyed learning a bit more about where you came from in the collecting world. Do you have any thoughts you want to leave our readers with? Mario: Collecting foreign comic books is about much more than the book itself. It is a journey into other countries, cultures and languages. Most of the comic books are adapted in some way to the different national comic book markets. One ^[\H\