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high-grade collector of the European variants and accept only 9.2 and higher for my collection. Liam: To be honest, it’s a relief to hear that your work doesn’t spawn strictly from a desire for financial gain, but rather work to enable the growth of your own collection of books you love. I hope readers can be inspired by your actions and purpose. What are your initial thoughts on the foreign comic market as it stands now, and as it’s changed since you started dealing in these books? Mario: When I compare the current foreign comic market in the US with the way it was when I started to deal with these books, there’s a visible difference. When it began sellers were mainly offering modern French and German reprints of popular Bronze Age Marvel key issues such as Amazing Spider-Man #129 and Incredible Hulk #181. Occasionally there would be a professionally graded Euro variant available. The next phase of the market showed an increase in foreign editions of independent US properties (e.g. Witchblade, Spawn, Lady Death, Simpsons), but it was primarily still Continued on page 9 the aforementioned German Europeancomixforyou: A sampling of some of his auctions online... I thought it would be neat to take a market snapshot using one of the most experienced, consistent and reasonable foreign dealers on American Ebay. Mario usually has a very quality selection of foreigns at any given time in his store. Join us in checking out some of the cooler offerings as of October 30th, 2014. Define999 French Iron Man #1 $199.99 UK Hulk #181 $129.99 or Best Offer or Best Offer German Batman #251 $129.99 or Best Offer Page 8 German Vampi #1 $299.99 or Best Offer Check out Europeancomixforyou and his online store here.... www.