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Columbian Vampi #1 with second interior cover that uses the original Vampi #1 artwork. This is the the only time around the world where Vampirella is spelled with only one L. Japanese Vampirella #1 Now, let’s talk about scarity. In my, now, almost 2 year search for foreign Vampirella, it’s become clear to me that finding Vampirella is a lot more difficult in some countries. Countries from South America seem to be the worst. Chile and Brazil look to be the hardest. I know that at least 4 Vampirella issue were published in Chile in the beginning of the 70s, but have never seen one for sale in 2 years. From Colombia, I know that at least 2 issues were printed there (just learned about the second one) and I’m sure they’re really hard to find and I probably just been lucky finding them. Talking about Colombia, the first issue used the cover of the original #19 from Warren, but surprise, it’s a double cover issue and the second one is the #1. Maybe I should put it in my set of #1s as well. Also, that’s for the only time around the world where Vampirella is spelled with only one L. « For the 1st time in color ». I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s so far from the truth. The 1st reprint of Vampirella #1 in color is the #1 from France (1st print) with a cover date of September 1970 and the #1 from Chile (May 1970). I don’t own those issues yet but here’s a splash page of the color version from Chile. *Please see editors note on page 16 So, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my collection as much as I enjoy searching for and collecting them. Funny fact: I remember during the Harris years, a advertisement for a reprint of Vampirella #1 saying: Page 6 Page 6