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Foreign Is Smoking by Stephane Poitras H i, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stephane Poitras and I’ve been a collector since the 70s. I live in a small town in the province of Quebec, Canada. When I was young, I was living in a very small rural village where I didn’t have access to comic books. During that time, comics from Les Editions Héritage were very popular here but none were available in the general store in my village. I must have been 7 or 8 year old when a friend of mine showed me a copy of l’Incroyable Hulk #4 (with the cover of Incredible Hulk #108) and I was automatically hooked. I just discovered the wonderful existence of super-heroes. I knew that I had to pick up everything I could find from EH and asked my dear mother if she could get a subscription for me to some of the EH series. I remember how fun it was to get comics in the mail from time to time. Then during the 80s, I started discovering that there was more in life than just comics (you known what I mean), and almost at the same time, EH stop publishing comics after 19 years. But the fever of collecting came back when I Page 3 arrived in Quebec City. That was the time I discovered comic book shops, and all the varieties of American comics. I was a kid all over again. It was also at that time that I traded my whole EH collection to another collector for Vampirella magazine (Warren), from #1 to #54 (minus #3) and Annual 1972. At the time, I was thinking that I had made the deal of the century, since EH comics were seen as just cheap reprints, and a lot of collectors were giving them away if not simply throwing them in the garbage. But those Vampirella were so fantastic. Incredible covers by legendary artists, wonderful interiors by Pepe Gonzalez, I knew that I had to put together the whole series. This task was completed to 95% before the presence of the internet. One year, when reading the Overstreet annual price guide (don’t remember the #), I saw an article about variant Canadian cover prices. I went back to my Vampirella collection and found out I already had 21 of them. That was the starting point. Some years ago I decided to pick up French copies of Vampirella that were printed in France in the 70s. Being a condition freak, Continued on page 4