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Welcome to Foreign Comic Collector Issue 5, November, 2014 All images are copyrighted and propterty of thier respective rights holders Hello again everyone. Welcome to FCC issue #5 and our one year anniversary! Things got a little behind with issue #4 (our bad) but we’re pretty much back on track and ready to move ahead on schedule now. This time around we’ve got some really great stuff for you. Our cover features the foreign Vampirella #1 set of FCC supporter (now officially contributor) Stephane Poitras who is better known in the FCC community as Eerie Publication. You can see more and other Warren magazines in our feature article this issue.. Our feature article also belongs to Stephane and focuses on his overall collection of various foreign editions of Warren Magazines. We also have a Q & A interview conducted by FCC database coordinator and forum administrator Liam Sturgess (Liaton9000) with eBay seller europeancomix4you, Mario Schodell. He’s been selling foreign editions on eBay for quite some time that will give you some insight into how the foreign collecting market has changed and grown over the last few years. This first year has been exciting to say the least and we’re looking forward to whatever the next one brings. Tim Bildhauser, Lscomics FCC Associate Editor On the Cover The classic Frazetta drawn queen graces our cover this Holloween. Floating around her are four very tough to find and cool versions of her first appearence from S. Poitras’s collection. Featured in this issue: Foreign Vampi is smoking pg 3 Stephane Poitras takes us on a journey through his story. Dude knows his foreign Vampirella. Europeancomix4you pg 8 Mario Peters has been supplying foreign books to the American Mkt for a while now. Trends? Up close and Personal pg 10 The Greek, Kabanas Hellas, Star Wars #1 is a unique, funky, and rare book. Limelight: Foreign Vampirella #1 set pg 12 It only made sense to showcase Stephane’s killer set. The Vampi love now bookends our Halloween issue and that just feels right. Check out our new forum where you can be a part of the discussion. Come join us at Page 2