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Contributors, Friends, Awesome Peeps Issue 5, November, 2014 All images are copyrighted and propterty of thier respective rights holders Happy Holloween loyal readers! Getting the kids ready for trick or treat, having a few libations, and dropping this heavilly Vampi themed issue on October 31st. Life is good, and thanks for still checking us out 1 year in. We hope to bring a ton of new stories and reports in 2015 for our foreign obsessed fans. Have fun and be safe this holiday. Define999, Editor, Foreign Comic Collector Magazine Thanks for reading FCC everyone, I hope you enjoyed this issue. It was a long time coming but based on the way it turned out I think it’s safe to say that the whole staff here at FCC is proud of it. Be sure to give us some feedback about what you like (or don’t) about the magazine. We’ll keep doing our best to bring you stories and features about the history of foreign comics and the people that collect them. LSComics, Assistant Editor, Foreign Comic Collector Magazine My name is Stéphane Poitras and I’m 46 years old. I live in northern Québec, Canada, where I work as a exploration geologist. I’m a big horror and B-movies fan. I have read comics since the mid-70’s with a preference for anti-heros and horror stuff. My main focus of collecting now is horror comic magazines and foreigns. Stephane Poitras, Contributor Liam has been collecting foreign comics for several years, focusing onthe setbased style as seen in this issue. When not hunting books for hisown stash, Liam enjoys contributing information and scans to the GrandComics Database while slowly building up a small arsenal of cover scans. Liam Sturgess, Contributor, Database Coordinator, Foreign Comic Collector Magazine Editor’s note* Sometimes when editing contributors whose first language isn’t English we leave certain grammar, sentence structure etc. unchanged. Although it may not be grammatically correct we feel it more accurately reflects the tone of the piece as if it were a conversation. Keep in mind, we’re in contact with many of our contributors by phone and this is an aspect of the niche we’re hoping to convey through the articles. Page 16 Do you have a foreign comic related idea or story for us? Please contact us at