Foreign Comic Collector - Page 11

biage along with the red callout boxes on the cover with Greek but left the red shadow of the original Star Wars title. Instead of re-designing the shadow they re-purposed Greek letters into the red background. The traditional Marvel banner was altered a bit to call out Kabanas along with Marvel. It also appears the classic Howard Chaykin artwork sent to the publisher in Greece was the reprinted version. We know this because the word “Reprint” which Hellas kept in English in the upper left corner along with Luke’s image. The bar code was removed and replaced with the Star Wars logo in English! How interesting yet odd the cover included both English and Greek lettering. Now let’s move on to the interior, shall we? We know from sources in Greece that, in order to save money on printing, Hellas didn’t print in full color. Every other spread is black and white which is a bit awkward. One thing that is obvious with the colors is, it seems the blue plate was much heavier in the shading along with blue being used in places not in the American version. Color also seems to have been re-done in a much simpler fashion which gives the artwork more of a contrast in general. Were the color stats not sent to the publisher? We don’t think so, in fact we think Hellas got their Marvel artwork from other foreign publishers in Europe licensing the material, so it makes sense Chaykins artwork was re-colored. The Star Wars run in Greece was published bimontly and ran for 9 issues. Issue 1 contained both American issue 1 and 2. Along with these a supplemental Western story either Rawhide Kid or Two Gun Kid rounded out the issue. Translation-wise we are not sure how well Roy Thomas’s story held up. We do know the translations were supposed to be horrible according to our expert source from FCC issue #4. Fun Greek ads for Kabanas Hellas books are sprinkled throughout the issue along with a color ad for the Star Wars movie on the back cover which, by that time, was taking over the world. One thing for certain is that no Star Wars comic collector worth his salt should dismiss this issue. We think print runs could have been as low as a couple thousand to maybe 12 thousand on the high side. FCC issue #4 and the wonderful Q and A with Vasillis teaches us that the political environment these books entered was not good. That, along with a general distaste for the American style made it a tough sell, which means many Hellas books were left lonely on newsstands unsold. It doesn’t take a genius to realize these books are special and drip with novel and intrinsnic value. Another thing to factor is the fact that so many of these books were returned to the publisher to be “tomed” (bound for resale) or outright destroyed and lost to the sands of time. Interiors brimming with personality USA Greek Notice the heavier blue plate used in the Greek version. This little quirk along with a more simple color scheme seem to add more contrast to the Greek color spreads. A fun Greek ad for Howard the Duck Page 11