Foreign Comic Collector - Page 10

with the Greek Star Wars #1 by Define999 With the hype of the new Star Wars movies buzzing around in our heads as of late, it only seems logical that we should concentrate on the Greek Star Wars #1. ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΤΩΝ ΑΣΤΡΩΝ #1,(Greek Star Wars #1) was published in Greece by Kabanas Hellas in December 1977, just a couple of months after the American release. The Kabanas Hellas Marvels are a unique and funky group of books and their Star Wars #1 is no different. I also think a compare and contrast with the American book might help inform the curious of the wackiness of this wonderful book. Surprisingly the cover is a much thicker stock than the American version, though unlike the American version the stock does appear to be more matte than glossy. The printing/saddle stitching seem to be ok, but the cut of the cover leaves much to be desired. It is definitely not straight and upon further inspection appears to be a production defect rather than amateur trimming. Are all copies of this book plagued by this cutting defect or only some? We are not quite sure but I do know of another copy that sold recently and it didn’t seem to have a straight cut either. The art department at Hellas replaced the title ver- Page 10 American splash page Greek Splash page