Foreign Comic Collector - Page 16

Friends of FCC! Here at FCC we have decided not to monetize the zine at this time. The ads you see on the back cover are not paid advertisements but people within the comic book world we appreciate for helping us source books, being amazing vendors, creating environments that excite us or just plain rock our socks off! Don’t be afraid to check them out…. Ted Van Liew is one of the good guys for sure! Accurate grader, great selection of books, and the dude just likes to talk comics period. I have bought many a comic from Ted over the years and if there is any problem at all with your order it is taken care of quickly and professionally. Check out his site and tell him FCC sent ya! Are you a fan and devotee of McFarlane’s most popular hellspawn? The most well stocked, content-wise, website for our good friend Al simmons for sure. Toys, comics, news, forums you name it! And if you are putting together a foreign Spawn set of any type you must VISIT?THIS?SITE for its invaluable international database. Many people ask, “where do foreign hunters research foreign books?” Well, the first place for any foreign hunter besides FCC is Grand Comic Database! Thier decree is to catalogue every comic known to man if they can and a TON of foreign books are included in thier database. Easy search function as well as a page with all the international publishers by country make this site a must for any of you doing research on foreign variants.