Foreign Comic Collector - Page 15

Contributors this issue... Define999 Damn! Working on just issues 1 and 2 has really wore this poor boy out! I think I am going to need an associate editor or something? I might have to swallow my pride and admit this mag is a lot of work and I cannot manage it all alone. Anyways, hope you foreign fans enjoyed this issue. Also, interestingly enough I never planned on this issue being almost all Conan theme! But, like many things in life it just kind of worked out that way in a fate driven menagerie of opportunities to show off our favorite Barbarian! Please join us next issue for more foreign madness. Jeffery Shanks Jeffrey Shanks is an archaeologist and historian with a avid interest in popular culture and pulp fiction. He has published a number of popular and scholarly articles on Robert E. Howard and Conan, including a recent contribution to Conan M eets the Academy which garnered the 2012 REH Foundation Award for Best Essay. He is a regular contributor to The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies and REH: Two-Gun Raconteur and currently serves as the co-chair of the Pulp Studies area of the Popular Culture Association. Amazing R.J.S. By CROM I'll find you Conan! Solarcadet I had Mike Mignola sign my Batman 426 set on Dec 16, 2012 at Phat Collectibles in Anaheim, CA. Being accustomed to signing mostly Hellboy books, Mike was taken back at the rare foregin editions I brought. Mike was very generous and signed all my books, a very special artist if you ever have the chance to meet him! Do you have an idea for a foreign related story or information you would like to share? Contact and share away..... Please sign up for updates @ Page 15