Foreign Comic Collector - Page 11

Tips and tricks to sourcing rare foreign comics So here is a foreign Ebay tip for those of you looking to expand your buying options. by Define999 On Ebay's home page there is a tab on the bottom where you can navigate to the flags of other countries. Lets think in hypothetical terms and you are trying to source foreign Batman s from Germany? You head over to German Ebay and you search for Batman Verlag. Verlag being a publisher of German bats. you go to this listing..... Everything is in German, pricing is in euros and it is understandably difficult. But dont fret, the graphical interface is still very similar to American Ebay. Go to the drop down watch button and watch the item. Being that its in German this step might take you a few tries. You will then be asked to sign into German Ebay. Do it with your American account and have the item watched! Now go to American Ebay and sign in to your account. Go to your watched items and BAM! Its there, and not only that, Ebay has translated the German into the more familiar English and converted the Euros into Dollars. Now remember that many foreign sellers don’t realize that there is a market outside of their home countries for the local books. If you see something you like and they state no international shipping in the listing? just ask them, many speak English and will ship to America for the right price. 1st foreign hunters tip you must take to heart! By not limiting yourself to American Ebay you open yourself up to even more and sometimes better buying opportunities. Many of those opportunities will be cheaper and hasslefree. But, and there is always a but in the foreign variant game, be warned, shipping across the pond can be expensive and always ask the seller to ship the books securely. I have had things sent in manilla envelopes with no stiffining protection before! This dropped books by entire whole grades and returning damaged merchandise overseas even using foreign Ebay can be a bit of trouble. Some foreign sellers have no understanding of the condition obsession here in the states so this must be a factor in your communication and dealings! And one more thing foreign hunters, never forget you represent American collectors while hunting digitally overseas. Some transactions might be the first contact with an American buyer for foreign sellers. Be mindful of who you are representing and treat foreign sellers with respect and in some cases adjustment of standards might be justified. For instance, don’t scream refund, and send a book back across the pond just because it received slight damage in shipping. You must accept some risk in purchasing books from overseas/other countries. Don’t muddy the waters for all foreign buyers because of obsession about grade. In most instances a happy foreign contact is worth more than any solitary books condition. Mainly because the well-head stays open and future rare books could materialize from that very contact you wisely chose not to harass about condition. Editora Brazil-America, better known by acronym EBAL, was one of the most important publishers of comics in Brazil. Founded on May 18, 1945 by Adolfo Aizen, he was considered the "Father of Comics in Brazil", and was extremely important to spreading the comic book craze in Brazil. Page 11