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exist in many places. Foreign collectors chose whichever language version of a specific comic they wanted and many did choose the American original if it was avialable. Now I am not saying all foreign collectors have a bias against their indigenous version. Many foreign websites do exist celebrating the local published comics along with the American licensed material. I do think however that a portion of foreign collectors in many countries prefer the American original over the indigenous licensed version. What results from this bias can be twofold: a lack of foreign variant books on the market for sale, whether it be from a foreign seller’s perspective that there isn’t a desire for these books, or simply that these foreign books didn’t survive at all. How ironic that things have seemed to come full circle. How ironic that American collectors are now seeking out these foreign variants when many within the countries of their origin cared much less about them. The novel payoff will be huge however for those that do choose to tackle the “hunt” for these foreign variants. A whole new world and mindset will bring fresh perspective to some collectors who tire of the traditional focus on American comic books only. I know for me personally the difficulty of finding new books and keys for my collection has become enormously expensive. The joy of building a unique and quality collection containing great books from foreign countries has re-energized my collecting soul. And this new love affair with foreign variants hasn’t broken the bank either. Good luck foreign variant collectors! For if there is one thing you need in great volumes in the foreign variant game, its luck! Dr Strange 169 The end result? The end result of foreign variant awareness in America will be an increased demand for foreign material. I believe this demand will be particularly strong amongst the foreign variant keys. It seems that during the last couple of years here in the states the collecting focus has started to skew toward being key based instead of the traditional run based focus. This issue can be debated but there is no denying that certain key books will always be in demand and books that fall before or after in the run will never attain the status of the “keys.” It is not a logical stretch then to assume the foreign variant collecting niche will closely follow this key based New Mutants 1 focus. The real challenge for many new collectors will be the purchasing venue. In many countries ebay isn’t the be all end all it is here in the states. There are localized auction sites that many foreign collectors use to sell foreign books. The language barrier will be difficult, and the tangled web of foreign comic book forums, auction sites, and foreign comic book vendors will be an adventure for any North American collector to travel through. American Dutch Page 10 Spanish Italian American Mexican French Canadian With the upcoming rurmored Dr. Strange movie on the horizon foreign Strange issues should be in high demand. Strange 169 is whats considered the first Dr. Strange in his own self titled issue! A type of 1st issue by Marvel that isn’t labeled as such because of a post office registering issue. New Mutants 87 Written by Define999, I can be contacted at American Brazilian Spanish Swedish Do you have an idea for a foreign related story or information you would like to share? Contact us!