Foreign Comic Collector issue#3 - Page 7

Battleaxe Press lished in South Africa – I enjoyed the old Mimosa reprints tremendously – as they were the some of the first Golden and Silver Age reprints I read as a youngster. My fellow collectors in the 1980s much preferred original American comic books, as opposed to the South African reprints. Unlimited Comics Battleaxe Batman # 1 and Superman # 3 Meteor Press The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 and 5 Unlimited Comics were the next Marvel reprints in 1983. Short runs of Marvel Comics’ Amazing SpiderMan, Spider-Woman and Incredible Hulk were reprinted. Prime #1 Spiderman #2 Meteor Press subsequently got the license for Marvel Comics and Malibu Comics reprints, also in 1995. Each series ran up to 12 issues. Americom Batman # 1 and Spider-Man # 1 (Afrikaans language edition) Americom (AC) Comics produced reprints of Marvel and DC Comics in 1984. These were poor-quality reproductions – and despite producing comic books in 4 different South African languages – each series only ran one issue! Battleaxe Press responded to the worldwide 1990s Comics boom, by producing reprints of DC Comics, Image and 2000AD titles. Printed in 1995-1996, each series ran up to 10 issues. Page 7 Please visit my blog for further details on all these South African Comic Books and more! Blogger: George van der Riet South African Comic Books – established 2009 – an ever-expanding online archive of all South African comic &