Foreign Comic Collector issue#3 - Page 6

Censoring the Man-Monster? Original American cover Interestingly there was still some censorship prevalent at the time – notice how Man-Monster is redrawn from the original cover of Marvel Comics’ The Mighty Thor # 231 for Supercomix The Mighty Thor # 8 Pop Star poster inserts.... from these comics – they show photos of children from all ethnic groups winning the prizes – which suggest that Supercomix were read by all children in South Africa at the time – transcending the political barriers of the era. I started reading comic books around 1980-1981. At the time Supercomix were plentiful and easily available – so I read a wide variety of them, until I discovered that DC Comics’ Batman was my favourite. I traded all my Supercomix for Batman Comic Books – and didn’t buy another Supercomix for almost 30 years! From 1964 to 1995 – only one Batman reprint (see Americom below) was pub- Pop-Star posters featuring Leigh McCloskey and local South African Band “Dog Detachment” Supercomix were published from 1976 until 1984. This was a time in South Africa’s Apartheid era, where people were divided along racial lines. Looking back at the Competition Prize Winners pages Page 6 There are 15 known foreign variants of Vampi’s classic Vampirella #1 and 7 known domestic versions!