Foreign Comic Collector issue#3 - Page 2

Welcome to F.C.C.! Greetings everyone! You were probably expecting another introduction from Matt (Define999) but this time around you get me. My name is Tim Bildhauser, also known as LSComics. I'm sure you remember me from the Collector Spotlight in issue #1 of FCC. Since then my collection has grown a bit (it never seems to stop) and Define999 asked me to come on board as Associate Editor for FCC which I gladly agreed to do. I hope you're enjoying the ride so far. In the first couple issues of FCC you were introduced to a few of the guys out there that have caught the fever for collecting these oddball versions of American comic books that most people aren't even aware exist. I remember quite a few years back seeing a few foreign books at a convention in Chicago and completely dismissing them. Looking back now I wish I had paid them more attention. Live and learn. The vast majority of comic collectors who get into the foreign aspect are unlikely to take it to the same extreme as some of us have, however, it's been an interesting experience these last four years digging up these hidden gems and I look forward to sharing some of the knowledge I've gathered with any of The altruistic goal of attaining and sharing you who decide to jump into this end further knowledge and respect for foreign of the pool. variants/editions and all variants within the LSComics (Tim Bildhauser) comic collecting community. This should be Associate Editor love focused, informative, and most of all fun! Mission Statement On the cover A group shot of some South African Supercomix contained within George van der Riet’s collection! Keys like Fantastic Four #1 and Spiderman #122 look absolutely amazing when publisher Republican Press gave them a new coat of Supercomix paint! If you are interested in learning more about books like these please visit George's site here at... Featured in this issue: • Supercomix! South Africa’s OWN.... pg 3 • Collector Spotlight: From Canada with love, Liaton9000 pg8 • The Limelight: Hector Banda’s killer Spidey 300 set pg12 Page 2 All images are copyrighted and property of their respective owners.