Foreign Comic Collector issue#3 - Page 11

mestically. This is how I acquired the Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish copies. It is also worth mentioning that Spain, in particular, has been known to release a 2nd print of certain issues (I have yet to figure out the formula used to decide which issues), and this includes Secret Wars #8. Though the market doesn’t yet discriminate between the two, it’s important as a collector to be able to make the distinction. First prints won’t necessarily be labeled as such, but 2nd prints will have “2a EDICION” printed somewhere on the cover. Use the provided pictures for reference. Secret Wars #8 Brazil Secret Wars #8 Netherlands To conclude, my foreign adventures have taken me far and wide across the world (though mostly digitally) and I have had the pleasure of working with a wide base of international collectors that have helped me and educated me. I hope to continue forging the path for this up-and-coming niche, and I hope that I have persuaded at least one of you to join us in the hunt! Happy collecting! Liam Sturgess Liaton-9000 Secret Wars #8 Mexican Secret Wars #8 Hungary Secret Wars #8 France Secret Wars #8 Canada Secret Wars #8 Norway Page 11