Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 9

constantly with the discovery of more and more titles, Cuentos de Misterio (House of Mystery and Witching Hour), Relatos Fabulosos (House of Secrets), Titanes Planetarios (Strange Adventures), Historias Fantasticas (Phantom Stranger and Unexpected), El Halcon de Oro (Spectre) and Mi Gran Aventura (Swamp Thing). All of them containing art by Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson. How long would it take me to find copies of all of these? If just this one issue of Batman, a much more popular title with a larger print run for certain, was so difficult to track down then what about these? Some of them are considerably more obscure and surely had lower print runs. My head spun trying to wrap my brain around the idea. It's been almost three years since then. I've spent a significant amount of time and money doing it but have finally completed two of those runs. El Halcon de Oro (Spectre) only consists of four Neal Adams covers but are extremely difficult to find according to more than one collector I've spoken to about them in Mexico. Historias Fantasticas (Unexpected) is a little larger run of books with a total of nine Adams covers. I'm in the process of negotiating deals to acquire the last two books I need for two other runs as well. Relatos Fabulosos (House of Secrets) has a total of 17 books with covers by Adams or Wrightson in the original US run but only 16 were reprinted by Novaro and I have 15 of those now. For some unknown reason they skipped issue #93. I was fortunate enough to find #160 early on, it reprints House of Secrets #92 with the first appearance of Swamp Thing. In over three years I've only seen two copies other than my own. Once I finish this run I hope to be able to submit them for Signature Series by Adams and Wrightson. Titanes Planetarios (Strange Adventures) reprints the 12 issue Deadman series. This is another run of books that, based on the accounts of collectors in Mexico, you just don't see. I have 11 of them with the first one, #285 (#205 in the US) being a Signature Series copy that's signed by the late Carmine Infantino. It's only a 4.5 but it's the only Infantino signed SS copy that will ever exist. Upon completion of the run my plan is to submit the remaining 11 issues for SS by Neal Adams. Phantom Stranger #114 Mexico Strange Adventures #205 Mexico Swamp Thing #5 Mexico HOS #92 Mexico Spectre #4 Mexico Detective #405 Mexico Page 9