Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 4

Are there different types of foreign variant collecting? One international dealer from Canada told me a story about a foreign collector who is a fan of Classics Illustrated. This title can be difficult to collect because of not only the amount of issues, but also the huge quantity of foreign variant types, and reprints here in America. Classics Illustrated This complexity didn’t seem to Huckleberry Finn (American) scare this collector. In fact he upped the ante; his goal was to collect every single issue of Classics Illustrated printed in every country he could find! When you factor in the amount of issues multiplied by the amount of countries that reprinted this popular American series - well, it’s a Classics Illustrated Huckleberry Finn staggering goal to (Greek) say the least. Another collector it seems has made the attempt to collect every Spiderman Classics Illustrated issue he can find from every coun- Huckleberry Finn (German) try that reprinted our beloved webslinger. This task is a huge undertaking as well, and to even fathom this, a collector would need large amounts of time and money. The key issue based type From my research, this is the newest type. This type seemed to be created by two forward thinking collectors with one being here in the states and the other residing in Canada. This is a key issue based type, a key being an important book that is valuable for both monetary and historic influence within the comic book collecting community. The key issue based type is more reasonable with regards to financial concerns and time. In this type, the focus is with one solitary issue’s foreign releases and not an entire run, country, or even category. This kind of collecting is believed to be only about 4 or 5 years old. The collector picks out which key issues have interest to them and actively seeks out those issues, avoiding the common and least imporSpiderman 300, 1st appearence of Venom American Finnish Italian The completest type Like both collectors I mention above, this seems to have been the first type of foreign variant collecting a desire to find every foreign variant of a specific title or category. This collector would seek out all of Classics Illustrated’s foreigns, or all of the foreign Spiderman issues published. This type takes a significant amount of time and money and is probably limited to collectors with sufficient funds and lots of time on their hands. Greek Spanish Swedish Page 4 Hungary French Dutch