Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 2

Welcome to F.C.C.! Welcome to the first edition of Foreign Comic Collector magazine. This thing has been a long time coming! Foreign variant comics AKA “foreigns” have started carving out a little niche amongst the larger comic collecting community. Its been slow, but this form of collecting has been steadily growing adherents every day. An online/print symbol of community needed to be created in my opinion. So I started slowly building up the resources, knowledge and contacts to make something like this “zine” happen. Id like to thank everyone that helped with editing, writing, and contributing! Enjoy the first edition, and feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas for how we can make this thing we do better! Editor Define999 (Matt) Mission Statement Featured in this issue: • Comic Book Collecting with a foreign variant focus (part 1) pg 3 • Collector Spotlight: Indiana native LSComics pg6 • Keyboard Tourist: A review of the huge Mexican comic database site pg10 • The Limelight: Superman 233 key based set by Solarcadet pg12 I have known Liam(Liaton9000) for a while now. Being one of the early adopters of the key based type of collecting within the field of foreigns Liam has a truly stunning collection. He is a strapping young lad from Canada with a voracious appetite for rare and key foreign books. As if that were not enough, many of his comics are CGC signature series. These signed and certified comics add another layer of rarity and novelty to an already unique collection. Id like to thank him for letting me use this impressive photograph for our first cover! Please visit his site at…… …… Collection Image courtesy of Liaton9000 If you would like to contact Liaton email him at.... On the cover The altruistic goal of attaining and sharing further knowledge and respect for foreign variants and all variants within the comic collecting community. This should be love focused, informative, and most of all fun! Page 2