Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 16

Friends of FCC! Here at FCC we have decided not to monetize the zine at this time. The ads you see on the back cover are not paid advertisements but people within the comic book world we appreciate for helping us source books, being amazing vendors, creating environments that excite us or just plain rock our socks off! Don’t be afraid to check them out…. Doug is one of the few dealers who has been screaming from the rooftops for years about how cool the French Editions Heritage books are in his Overstreet market reports. With his worldwide contacts and his good natured way Doug is one dealer every foreign hunter should know. Great guy and worth your time in giving him a foreign want list! Thanks Doug for being a friend of FCC! What can I say? Are you trying to complete foreign sets of Spiderman and need to research the Mexican editions? Spidermex is the be all end all of Mexican Spidey! Lyria the exchange, whats not to like? Collectable trend tracking, cool interface, forums with highly informed members, and a legacy of being dedicated to debating and researching the comics market for years! Also, if the CGC boards are the swanky elitist club you can never seem to get into, then the Lyria forums are the neighborhood corner bar where everyone knows your name! Check them out…..