Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 15

Contributors this issue... I got into foreign variants a couple of years ago and this journey sure has been crazy! This isn’t a niche you want to get into if you get mad easily, or get frustrated when things do not go your way. I live in the high deserts of New Mexico and raising my 1 wife, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 hamster, and 4 fish keep me busy when I am not obsessing about foreign comics related maddness! Define999 A.K.A Tim Bildhauser: I've been collecting comic books for 28 years and have been chasing foreign editions for going on four years now. In that time I've assembled a collection that exceeds 700 foreign comics from over twenty countries. My main focus is books with covers by Neal Adams or Bernie Wrightson but if you browse my Photobucket folders you'll see a diverse range of Silver and Bronze Age foreign books. Believe it or not before I became interested in foreign editions I was nearing the point of leaving the hobby behind. I was sure I'd seen it all and knew all there was to know. I had no idea how wrong I was. LSComics Gustavo Medina is probably the first fan turned Pro in Mexico City. He began translating comic books at Editorial Novaro in 1981. He then went on to translate more tan 200 comic books for Novedades Editores, The Mexican House of Ideas and ended his career at Editorial Vid as both a translator and an Editor. He now makes a living as an English Teacher. Gustavo Medina I started collecting forI grew up in the mid 1980s collecting eign comics several years comics right in the middle of the copper ago alongside my friend age. By the 1990s me and my dad were Hector, and I am proud to say I have going to all the comic conventions and wheeling and one of the most complete sets of key dealing on high end books. Unfortuantly I slowely lost interest in the new direction Marvel comics. I enjoy comics from all countries and of modern age comics. After getting my degree in Criminology I began playing music and forgot all about ages. My favourite part of this niche of collecting is the discovery of a new edicomics. tion. When I’m not hunting for foreigns, In 2012 I finally opened up my time capsuled collection that has sat dormant for nearly 20 years in my par- I am an Economics student, a musician ents home. The reunion with my cherished books and I am a second Dan Black Belt in brought back a strong sense of nostalgia. Tae-Kwon-Do. So I found myself on Ebay and searching values when I stumbled across a German printing of ASM129 and thought it was fascinating so I bought it. I began doing google searches of other keys titles and quickly discovered awesome foreign interpretations of Superman 233, and Batman 227. With a newfound focus I quickly snatched up foreign Batman 227's and went to get them signed by Neal Adams. Define999 found me, connected me with the foreign variant community, and the rest is, as they say...foreign history! Solarcadet Liaton9000 Page 14