Foreign Comic Collector issue 1 - Page 11

with Finland’s Gigant #2 by LSComics G igant #2 was published in Finland in 1984. It's a square bound 100 page comic that reprints, in black and white, several books originally published in the United States. The first feature is the classic Swamp Thing #7 by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. The quality of the printing is excellent to say the least. Wrightson's art is nothing short of breathtaking in most cases but to see this classic presented in stark black and white is just amazing. It gives you a true sense of the talent of this man who brings shadows to life. Next is Brave and the Bold #108 starring Batman and Sgt. Rock masterfully rendered by the late Jim Aparo. If you've never seen his work sans color you're really missing out. He was a master of his craft and it really shows in this story. From the layout of the panels to the expressions on each character's face, it's clear that he knew how to tell a story visually. For those whose taste is more on the modern spectrum of comic books there's also installments of Camelot 3000 by Mike Barr & Brian Bolland and Justice League of America by Gerry Conway & George Perez with a little help from Brett Breeding. Overall you would have a difficult time choosing a group of artists who's work comes across as well, if not better, in black and white than it does in color. Finnish Swamp Thing #7 Träskmannen directly translated means swamp man Läderlappen is an older Finnish translation name for Batman. The artwork for this book was reporduced in crisp black and white and is stunning to behold In 1989 then editor at Marvel, Mark E. Gruenwald wrote that Marvels foreign licensing deptartment had Marvel product being produced by 40 different publishers in 26 countries and 16 different languages! Page 11