For Nurses By Nurses Holiday Issue 2016 Holiday Issue 2016 - Page 10

MAKING MEMORIES THAT LAST BEYOND THE HOLIDAYS Y ou don’t have to break the bank during the holiday season. Not only are crafts fun, and inexpensive, but they make unforgettable memories. Times are tough for most of our friends and handmade gifts are a special way to offer our hearts and minds to our loved ones. Most people will appreciate the fact that you spent the time to create a gift from scratch just for them. Anyone can walk into a department store and dole out cash, but not many will invest their time into making a special moment. This is not only a great gesture, but it is a memorable one. Gift giving is the msot exciting part of the holiday season. Every handmade gift is a work of art, a statement of true investment into rela- 10 | For Nurses By Nurses tionships. Because these gifts are handmade, people tend to keep them much longer, tell their friends about them, and even try to pay it forward, which is the ultimate gift of all. Some of our favorite handmade gifts to give are christmas cards, gift baskets, knitted sweaters, coffee holders and candy jars. Making memories can be just as easy as saying goodbye to traipsing around the malls and searching the internet for hours for the perfect gift. Undoubtedly, the people that you love will love you even more for the time and effort that you put into creating special memories. The personal touch is priceless and will last longer the hearts of friends and families. Happy Memory Making!