PICT URE SEARCH Solution to puzzle found on page 59 FIND 8 DIFFERENCE IN THESE PICTURES CORN DOGS Polaroid “Would you hold the camera still?” Deb wipes her hand over her greasy bumpy forehead then thumps it back in the sand. “I'm trying, I'm trying.” My daughter's forehead creases up like Deb's. I mutter through my teeth careful to keep my smile and head perfectly crooked, “Deb she's only 5!” by Bridget Bunch Deb squints her eyes and bobs her head forward. “Uggh, I look horrible.” She puts her hand to her head and starts smoothing whatever imaginary hair she saw sticking up in the picture. “John why didn't you tell me?” Deb whines. Ashley places the photo on the beach towel near my feet. “I just want this picture to turn out nice; you know we never get pictures of just ourselves anymore.” My wife's voice almost sounded sweet. Irritation spread from my core out to my fingers and made them tingle. I focus on forcing my rear end farther in the sand, “Well, we have more important things to worry about.” “Say cheese!” Ashley's shrill voice sends a warm cloud throughout my body, calming the tingling. “Cheese!” The camera makes a grinding sound and spits out the Polaroid of our faces. Ashley rips the picture from its mouth and shakes the picture with all her might. Deb leans over and stretches out her arm, her wiggling fingers barely touch the lens of the camera that is still in Ashley's hand. “Give mommy the camera.” “No! One more.” Her smile turns sly. I look over at Deb, her mouth is locked. I say in the sweetest voice I can muster. “Okay, sweetheart. Smile Deb.” She turns her tight lips to me and tips them up at the ends. It reminds me of how attractive she once was to me. The flash goes off and the camera spits us out again. Deb snatches the Polaroid from the camera's mouth before Ashley can, “Okay, honey that's enough.” Ashley frowns, “Can I hold onto it?” She slows down then holds the picture out at arm's length. “It didn't work.” I reach out my hand, “Here, let me fix it for you.” She gives it to me and I blow on the gray blobs and the faces slowly appear. I hesitate before handing the picture back curious to look at how others see us. I notice our hands were temptingly close. Deb looks at the vintage camera gifted to her from her boss. I sigh, remembering that I have to keep the peace for the kids' sake since the separation. “Ashley, give mommy the camera.”“Okay.” Ashley slowly gives Deb the camera then takes a step back. But there was something invisible and dark in between them making it impossible for those hands to touch. I hand it back to Ashley. Her mouth opens into a smile, “Beautiful! Look mommy!” She holds it out for Deb to see. Deb's smile shakes as she says, “Now go play in the water.” Ashley turns around making her blonde hair fly and runs to her sister floating in the water. I hear Deb mumble, “We drove 6 hours for this sand and water.” I sigh and lie back on the pink beach towel, stretching my arms so my hands act as a bony cushion for my head, “Don't even, Deb.” 50