Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 82

Maltby Main FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG “I’ve been on the committee and volunteering for one and a half years. My Grandad-in-Law played for them in the 40’s and all my in laws are Maltby people. It’s my local club and I’ve been a fan for a while before realising they needed a Media gap filling. The rest is history. I’m still here! Stuck! It’s hard to pull away once you are in. I wouldn’t want to either. We are all passionate about the club. The most challenging part of my role is promoting the club as best possible via social media, liaising with local papers and hitting personal deadlines I set myself. The most rewarding thing is the positive feedback we’ve received and how I’ve seen us progress in two-three seasons. Plus all the new friends I’ve made. The mood here is excellent. Our phrase is “we are buzzing”. Our manager used it a few times in an interview and it’s stuck. This indirectly created the Malt-bee! (Buzzing etc). We sell these in the shop! The start to the season has been excellent … better than expected and now we just need to keep it going. We’ve got a good blend of lads now so we need to keep the players we’ve got and continue to work hard for each other. We couldn’t be more of a community club. The locals know all about us and love the fact we keep the club going. Personally my ambitions for us are to keep improving, building, staying afloat isn’t enough. We have to do that and more. We are ambitious and want our partners to be too. We need to keep a good relationship with landlords and companies and we are doing this.” Dave Watts, MMFC Media Officer Mission Statement To provide a community facility for Maltby and the surrounding area, seeking to compete at the highest possible levels, whilst maintaining good governance in all that we do and always operate on a responsible and prudent financial basis … Vision • To encourage and promote football, fitness and fair play for our members and supporters • Provide the community with a facility to be proud of providing the best possible amenities and equipment • The clubs teams will aspire to play at the highest possible levels • Have an inclusive outlook for all ages, sexes and abilities • Work in association with the juniors to encourage development and progression • Have the required governance, financial or otherwise, in place at all times Aspirations – A Synopsis of the Clubs 5 Year Plan • Consolidate our position within the NCE Premier League • Have a producing feeder area reserve team • Have a ground and facilities for the players, supporters and community to be proud of • Have a successful junior structure • Have a ladies section and team • Ensure revenues are managed and the club is run within its means • Encourage sponsorship opportunities and associate partnerships 82 Issue 75