Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 61

Banbury United They have made a steady start to the current league campaign, having put together a record of eight wins, a draw and seven defeats from their sixteen matches. This sees them sitting in a safe mid-table position with twenty-five points on the board. This should provide the club with a solid platform from which to build for the rest of the season. As long as they are able to retain their current group of players and can perhaps make one or two quality additions they should be able to climb further in the league standings. One of the highlights of the team’s performances this season has been the attacking brand of football that they have been able to produce. This has been reflected by the fact that they have found the back of the net thirty six times at a rate of more than two per game. This will certainly have meant that any supporters attending their matches will have been well entertained and should encourage more of the local community to get behind the side in future. This in turn has the potential to provide them with a valuable source Mark Conway of Michael Jones Jewellers recently took the time to tell us more about their positive association with the club, saying, “As a company we are always keen to help out in the community so when Banbury United became a co-operative company we decided to help out. We’re proud to support a club in such a close-knit community. I’m not able to get down to many games as they occur at the peak time for our business but some of our staff members do get down. We always receive a weekly match report as well as photos and often see members who keep us up to date with how they are getting along. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish the club all the best for the future and we would love to continue our support.” of additional revenue which is particularly important in the current financial climate. Banbury United is not a club to focus solely upon their senior section however and also have a number of youth sides in place. This part of the club looks to provide young players from the local area with an opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helping them to reach their full potential. It is important for any club looking to be successful over a sustained period of time to be able to produce their own talent and this is an area they appear to have covered. In total they have more than twenty teams this season and approximately 220 children playing. There is much to admire about the set up that Banbury United FC currently has in place. If they continue in the same manner then they should be able to look forward to a bright and successful future for many years to come. Watches | Jewellery | Diamonds Engagement | Wedding 0% FINANCE OPTIONS FREE UK DELIVERY COLLECT OR RESERVE INSTORE WATCH REPAIR & SERVICE STATION AUTHORISED SP  %1%MPIA%HQ<)I=1`=51=9%9LQ!UH)9=Q!HM]%ML]Q !L)AI=UMA=9M=IL= 9 UIdU9%Q(Ԁ)]]\5% !1)=9M)]11H