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are tailored for employers and HR support, contact Elcons 01422 822842, we its prime objective e is to help employers avoid are waiting to take your call. employment tribun nal situations. Elcons do this successfully by sup pporting businesses on a daily if not hourly basis b by giving them sound pragmatic solutions to HR pr oblems that occur through its 24 hours advice lin ne. In addition, Elcons offer a comprehensive He ealth and In Safety service a recent tribunal for ruling Sadeghi vs TJX UK The Elcons customer then made a formal complaint those had businesses w who require and Safety 2017 Health an employee was sacked for fighting over a regarding the incident stating that Sadeghi support. pair of trainers? Seems fair, or does it? If you look refused the refund and attempted to steal his 5 closer into issues leading up to the dismissal will mobile phone and assaulted him, the CCTV was your views change. reviewed, and the decision was made to bring Sadeghi had been employed with the Sadeghi to a disciplinary hearing. company since 2003 and in March 2016 he was At the hearing the company considered if promoted to General Manager at a high street there were any mitigating factors that needed to store. Sometime after the promotion Sadeghi be taken into accountant, however they did not had behaved inappropriately towards some of his factor in the depression and he was dismissed for colleagues. Gross Misconduct. When he was questioned over this incident Sadeghi made a successful tribunal claim for he revealed he had a medical diagnosis and he unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. At Elcons Employment Law Consultants Elcons also work in partnership with other Being faced with a was difficult Employment wasn't something any of us was having Director suicidal thoughts, were also businesses the Tribunal tribunal was stated that the company had founded by Managing John Peel in 2008. which businesses, particularly who’s it ethics were prepared for or had any experience dealing with before, however, the The businesses started from his back bedroom match those of Elcons. Wilby Commercial impacting on his sleep pattern causing a negative not considered the potential mitigating factor of and now occupies three units at its head office, Insurance brokers based also in Halifax work hand impact on and his auditorium moods. was making him quick his Risk medical condition was and second had continued with swift professional service we received from Elcons to none, including a purpose-built in This the beautiful in hand with Elcons and their Management anger, was resolved taking medication and currently attending the a disciplinary village to of Ripponden, Halifax, West Yorkshire. Division Elcons clients who are action without first obtaining and he they the issue for us service within week. John has a legal background and is a Senior subscribed to their Health appropriate and Safety Services. therapy sessions. medical opinions. Employment Tribunal Advocate and had worked Born and bred in St Helens, Merseyside, John is August 2016, a customer had returned The having employer within the In HR and Employment Law Consultancy passionate about Rugby League followed had not considered the potential In trainers addition to this we have engaged their services a permanent basis to a sector some for many years. his home team for all of his life. John is keen to on and requested a refund for the mitigating factors and this will always make John had a vision that there was a niche in the support local sports clubs. So much so, Elcons that that did appear to have been worn. an Rugby unfair Law one. from staff contracts, we are compliant in recently all aspects of dismissal Employment market trainers for a ensure company could deliver a service have had their logo on the Halifax which When was more bespoke for businesses and League shirts and have had recent exposure Sageghi refused to refund and away provided Although this case not binding modest on other handbooks, holiday entitlements and everything else for an is extremely efficient than the companies that he had worked on Sky Sports at the Halifax away games. the company refund policy the customer became cases, do you understand your role in ensuring for previously. As the business develops, so do our services. fee, very good value for money! aggressive and was persistently calling a with your employees Elcons first client was based in the Midlands Elcons are able him to deal matters efficiently on are supported in the workplace – and it ‘dxxxkhead’, was not too long the before he employed his the same day and our advisors draft all letters customer began to record the if you are HR able to take disciplinary action against first staff member. As the businesses developed for their clients. conversation on his mobile phone and Sadeghi someone with a disability even when you It's more truly a pleasure working Elcons as their friendly and or approachable John employed staff who are still within the Elcons with offer management training courses business Elcons strengths are the its people, which are held weekly to should of their obtain had today. attempted to grab phone. a medical report? Team, and manner makes it feel like they are part all of our subscribed own Management who have brought a wealth of expertise to the clients. The theory behind the courses is to give At this point a fight broke out between Unsure or just not confident? Why not let Company and are highly valued employees. managers their the correct skills to be to able any to tackle I would highly recommend services employer who needs the now customer Sadeghi the head police Elcons Employment Law Consultants guide the you Elcons provide and professional HR and HR issues on with the support of the advice consultancy and Legal services to over 750 team. skills of a full HR department at a fraction of the cost of employing additional were called. Following this incident Sadeghi through this process and all other Employment businesses nationwide with a strong client base Elcons also offer other traini ng courses such to explain that he an had as array felt the Issues. and discuss we can about support They also offer of phone additional services email how bulletins in the attempted North staff. East of England and employ a strong Emergency First Aid Law at Work which Call gives from legally footage qualified team of Consultants as well up as being employees a three year in First Aid. would have ended used a qualification your business on 01422 courses 822842 to help you changes in Legislation through to as complimentary training support staff. If you are an employer and your business needs personal attack on him or even end up on TV. Elcons services are tailored for employers and HR support, contact Elcons 01422 822842, we am of Consultants as well as ‘Unfairly dismissed for fighting’ - is this fair? " What Our Clients Say " The History of Elcons Haresfinch Rugby & Community Club improve your Management capabilities. its prime objective is to help employers avoid are waiting to take your call. employment tribunal situations. Elcons do this successfully by supporting businesses on a daily if not hourly basis by giving them sound pragmatic solutions to HR problems that occur through its 24 hours advice line. In addition, Elcons offer a comprehensive Health and Safety service for those businesses who require Health and Safety support. Christopher Saxon, Club Secretary Haresfinch Rugby & Community Club " What Our Clients Say " 5 Haresfinch Rugby & Community Club 6 Issue 75 Being faced with a difficult Employment Tribunal wasn't something any of us were prepared for or had any experience dealing with before, however, the