Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 33

Plymouth Parkway help out regularly on the gate, Damon who will help out behind the bar and doing the announcements and Roy who looks after the security of the players and changing rooms. We also then have the committee including Genny, Mark, Gez and Jim who will jump in and do anything that needs doing on the day. Without them, everything would be considerably more difficult. I really have no idea how they get so much done.” Present “The mood at the club is incredibly positive. We’re all a generally upbeat bunch anyway, but we have so much to be pleased and proud about at the moment. For instance, we have had a record-breaking start to the season with fifteen league games unbeaten, and we’ve also had wins in the League cup and the FA Vase. The season has started fantastically, we could not be more pleased. Obviously, with fifteen straight wins, we’ve broken the league record for games won in a row, but we’ve also won every other game played since the 2nd game of the season. 20 wins out of 20 games is a really amazing accomplishment for the club and its players, and we’re all eager to keep the streak going for as long as possible. We’re all feeling very motivated. Apart from seeing how far we can take our winning streak, the club definitely has the league title in its sights and we’re all working toward it as a collective goal. We also intend to have as good a run in the League Cup, Devon Bowl and FA Vase as we can muster. It’s LAST YEAR WE DELIVERED £70M IN SALES FOR OUR CLIENTS! PROUD SPONSORS OF PLYMOUTH PARKWAY 33