Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 30

Staplegrove Youth FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Staplegrove Youth FOOTBALL CLUB Staplegrove Youth FC does a fantastic job of supplying young players from their local community with an opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helping them to reach their full potential. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with their Chairman Scott Wigley to find out more. Involvement The Role Atmosphere He told us, “I am a 40 something parent of two boys, and I first became involved with Staplegrove Youth Football Club as a parent ‘volunteer’ (both my sons play for the club, eldest Tom in the U15s and Jake in the U13s). I offered to help the U7s age group coach run the sessions and before I knew what had happened I had been recruited to coach Jake’s U8s team, and haven’t looked back … I took over the chairmanship of the club two years ago and recently started helping out coaching Tom’s team. In my spare time I work as an engineer at a local power station!” “As a coach the most challenging aspect is finding ways to make training sessions enjoyable for 28 or so boisterous U13s, especially on cold and wet Thursday nights in mid-winter along with dealing with all the rules and regulations required to avoid the club receiving a petty fine from the FA; people sometimes forget that we are all volunteers at the end of the day. As chairman of the club the most challenging role is succession planning for key volunteers and planning for the future. The most rewarding aspects are seeing the smiles on the player’s faces – a very uplifting experience knowing you are making a difference.” “We are going through a period of transition with our secretary stepping down from the role after a 15 year association with the club (large shoes to fill!). We have also had to deal with moving our U9s and U10s to a new venue over the pre-season which hasn’t been too popular with some parents (I think they are missing some of the home comf ́ݔȁЁMхɽٔ)ɽ́́ѕ=ѡݥ͔)ѡ́ͥѥٔݔٔ)ɽ́ѕ䁅)ѕ́ɽ͡t(%Ք