Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 28

Holsworthy FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Holsworthy ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB Holsworthy AFC has enjoyed a fine start to their season with a number of sides enjoying positive results. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with their First Team Manager Liam Dart to gain an insight into their success. Involvement He told us, “I have been involved with the club for 22 years on and off since I was eight years old playing y o u t h football from under 12s to under 16s, before going on to play for the 1st team in two different spells. For the past three and a half years I have been manager of the 1st team with heavy involvement with the day to day running of club.” The Role “The most rewarding aspects are seeing the club grow over the past three and half years. When I took over as manager the reserves were struggling, the 1st team only had two players left. Now we are running an under 18s, reserve team and 1st team, with all the teams doing well in their respective leagues. Another rewarding aspect is seeing the players from the youth teams coming through to represent the club in all of the senior teams and the community coming to watch and support the club. The challenging aspects are time, balancing full time work with volunteer commitments to the club running the team, getting sponsorship and general day to day things at the club. The other most challenging aspect is keeping everything fresh to maintain player commitment. Player commitment across three teams is probably the hardest aspect and seems to be locally and nationally a problem in grassroots football!” “We pride ourselves in b Ոݡѥ͕́́ݥѠѡѼ)ѡɔɅѥ́ȁ啅̸ɕЁᅵѡ́)ȁÍ͕ٕQ5ȃL%Iݔ)%͕́她ȁ!ݽѡ䁽ȁѡ(ȁ啅̰́ѥ她́ݕ́Ёѡظ)=ѽѡ́́Ʌ ɥ͕́)܁́ͽQ䰁ݡЀԁ́她ȁȁTéѕٔ)啐ɔ她ȁ!ݽѡ QЁ́)Ʌѥ́ѡͅѡЁٔ啐)!ݽѡ t(%Ք