Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 23

Middlesbrough Women and realise, they can do it and be watched by 100’s of people and hopefully do it as a profession. That is a success for us, inspiring a generation.” Challenges “One of our biggest challenges is fundraising for our self; we know we can do more and we can offer more, but to offer more we need to be out there more. We would like merchandise which needs capital to buy first. We would like a larger ground - which needs capital to buy first. These are problems we face; we know what we need and we just need to expand on what we are doing. This takes planning, something that I haven’t had to do before, I have planned for weeks ahead before, but never months or even years and I am in that process now.” Ambitions “Our biggest ambition is promotion. My aim is to make sure the club is ready and sustainable for promotion in the background, working alongside Lindsey Stephenson, who is club chairwoman. She tells me what to do and I will have hopefully already done it or in the process of doing it; 10% of the time I haven’t mind! However, we know we have to achieve on and off the pitch and I know Kelsey, Lindsey, Ben and Jonny, are all working to achieve this on the pitch. Small steps, but we believe we are close to our ambitions.” 23