Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 21

Middlesbrough Women Middlesbrough Women FOOTBALL CLUB M iddlesbrough Women FC is a club that is playing an important role in their local community by providing people with the opportunity to play the game and reach their full potential. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with their Secretary Matthew Hutchinson to find out more. Involvement He told us, “For me, as a starting point, I wanted to be involved in an ambitious club, where as a coach, which I wanted to do, to begin with, it was an exciting opportunity. I started in the Reserve set up, but spent a lot of my time at First Team training, watching Kelsey Byrne and learning. As a coach and as a person, she is definitely someone I see as a role model, the way she speaks to people and engages players, for me is inspirational. After 18 months at the club, I then became Media and Marketing Manager and also duelling up as Secretary. This brought in £7000 in sponsorship, with the year before only having £3000, whilst also developing a club brand and overseeing a club rebrand with a new badge, assisting with organising kit and organising programmes throughout the season.” The Role “One of the biggest challenges is definitely fitting everything in throughout the week. The club is ran all by volunteers; I have three part-time jobs and University, so finding time to do, what probably is the most demanding part of my life. However, when players get kit or even if a game goes through with very little administrative problems, that is a massive success for me. For me, winning games is great but we have to have good infrastructure off the pitch, me and Lindsey work hard during the week to make sure the club is at its highest point every week both on and off the pitch.” Atmosphere “The general mood in the club is very good. Everyone across the club has 21