Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 20

St Just Youth FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG for the players after the games and lots of parents also giving up valuable time to make it all possible. “We have had invaluable help along the way from our dedicated sponsors who are also local based people. Upon our formation we had the generous offer of help from Chris Sedgeman, founder and owner of Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding based in Penzance, Cornwall. He has supplied the whole Club with essential Kit wear on a number of occasions without any hesitation. Chris has also just donated a defibrillator for our Club as well as he felt it was something we should have without question. “As a St Just man himself it is another factor and link to the St Just community; we have also had major sponsorship from Archie Browns Health Foods and Cafe, Westcountry Blinds, Trevaylor Campsite, Leyton Robinson Reed Accountants, Howdens Joinery, also based in Penzance, they have also provided team kits and essential equipment when we have needed it, with many of these living in the community. “In the next five years the biggest challenge is definitely the Club’s status and survival as a football Club. With ever changing challenges arising and with limited numbers of players in a small localised area it is always a struggle, along with the financial strains faced by businesses’ it’s not always easy for them to continue to help giving financial support. The need for another pitch is ever-growing and is one we are trying to address so we can continue to add more age groups and maybe girls teams etc. “The Club’s ambitions in the next five years are to carry on doing exactly what we have been but on a bigger scale! We want to keep adding new teams and new volunteers every year to continue the growth of the Club while keeping our Club ethos of no pressure based learning and also to keep trying to keep close relations with our sponsors and schools who are absolutely pivotal to our Clubs survival.” “I played for the club for twenty one years as a midfielder. A lot of my employees are part of the club and as a company we’ve sponsored them for fifteen years now. They are all good lads at the club that put a lot of effort in and I wish them the best of luck for the future.” Chris Sedgeman 20 Issue 75