Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 15

Bridport As long as they are able to retain their current group of players and can perhaps make one or two quality additions they should be in with a good chance of pushing on up the league. One of the highlights of the team’s performances has been the attacking brand of football that they have been able to produce. This has been reflected by the fact that they have found the back of the net twenty five times at a rate of more than two per game. This will certainly have meant that any supporters attending their matches will have been well entertained and should encourage more of the local community to get behind the side in the future. This in turn has the potential to provide them with a valuable source of additional revenue which is particularly important in the current financial climate. Bridport FC is also committed to playing an important role in their local community and this is reflected by the fact that they also run a reserve side. This allows them to give twice as many players a chance to play the game every week. Another benefit of having an extra side is that it allows the first XI to benefit from far greater strength in depth. If they are ever left short on numbers through injury or suspension they have the option of calling players up with a limited amount of disruption. There is much to admire about the fine set up that Bridport FC currently has in place and they V"vV6VBF'VBFV"7B7V66W76W2F22F2FbFR&Bv&F@vW2FFR6V"BVgVǒFWv&R&RF6FVPFR6RW"f"V'2F6RvFR&vR`VƗGF&W"`'VFrFW&2w&VB&6W0W7Bf"Pg&VFǒW'6FV&VƖ&RFVƗfW'6W'f6P'&G'B'&65BG&Ww2v&2'&G'BF'6WBECb4DFVâ3CScCrf3CS3 wwrfF&f7W6r6У