Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 12

Oxford United Women FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Oxford United Women FOOTBALL CLUB Oxford United Women FC is a club that has been making tremendous progress in recent times. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with their General Manager Ruth Senior and First Team Manager Andy Cook to gain an insight into their success. FF: How long have you been involved and what first attracted you to the club? RS: I have been working for the club since 2015 when I started as a community coach and progressed my way up the club, taking over the Women’s team in November last year. What attracted me to the club was the opportunities they offered in terms of your career progression and what made me stay was that never once have I felt I have been treated differently by the people above me because I am a woman. 50% of heads of department are female here so at Oxford United FC, if you work hard and do well you get rewarded regardless of who you are. 12 Issue 75 AC: I was Ruth’s first recruit! And started in February of this year. The chance and opportunity to work for a women’s super league club was what attracted me to Oxford United FC. I’d also worked with some of OUWFC’s players before so it was a good fit. FF: What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your role? RS: The most challenging aspect of my role is the sheer volume of people I oversee so I look over everyone from U10s through to the WSL first team which includes parents, players, fans, facility providers, educational partners, sponsors and community partners so something is always happening.