Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 10

Arena Seating FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Arena Seating In his latest column, Arena Group UK and Europe’s Director of Sales and Marketing Dave Withey looks at the work his company has been doing across the Severn Bridge as Welsh non-league clubs look to expand and upgrade their spectator facilities. Our sports grandstand seating crews have got used to regularly crossing the Severn Bridge into the principality over the past year. They weren’t heading there to ‘enjoy’ the rain, hear some male voice choirs or sample Welsh cakes, but as part of a drive to improve football club facilities across the country. You might have missed it (or tried to ignore it!) but on September 14th Wales crept above England in the FIFA World Rankings. Chris Coleman’s men, who enjoyed such a thrilling ride at Euro 2016 while Roy Hodgson’s team were losing to Iceland, are now ranked 13th, two places ahead of their rivals across the Severn Estuary. It wasn’t so long ago – 2011 in fact – that Wales were outside the top 100 in the FIFA rankings, which meant they were trailing such 10 Issue 75 football giants as H Ѥ兹)Յѕ)Qɽ٥չ́ѡ)ѥѕٔݕ)ѡȁݼՈ̸ͥM͕݅ )݅́ѡѠ٥ͥ͠)щ́ɕѱ䁅̀иQeɔ)ɕѱ䁕她ѡȁͥѠՍͥٔ)͕ͽѡAɕȁ1Քѡ)ɥ̰ѕ́ɔѡ)ݥѠи) ɑ 䁙́Ёݕ)ݸѡ4ЁݥѠЁ䁅Ёѡ)ЁЁѡȁɕЁЁͼ)ЁɥѕȁɔQeٕٔ)ɽѡѥՅѕ9AɬѼѡ)܁ɸ̰䁝ɽչ)ٔ啐ѡȁݸѡ)ѽ٥ͥݥѠ ))eЁɝЁ ɑѡ͕ٕ)ݕɔ1ՔQݼİݡ)Ʌѕ́܁ȁѡeٔ)MЁѡѽٕѡɗé)ͽѡɕٽѥ]͠)щЁɅ́ɽ́ѡɔ́ɽ)́ݕѡӊéݡɔݔ)=ٕȁѡЁ啅ȁȁѕ́ٔ)ЁݽɭЁՔՉ)ɽ́]̰Ѽ)ٕȁɽٕ́Ѽхյ́)ɕ͕ѥ̸)9܁щͽѥ](\ɕձѥ́ɽ՝Ёɱ)ѡ́啅ȁѡЁݕȁՔ)Չ́ѡ]͠Ʌ܁ɕեɔ)մٕɕ͕́Ѽ)مȁхѽ̸