Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 84

Rutherford FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Rutherford FOOTBALL CLUB Rutherford AFC is a fine example of the progress that a club with a strong set up in place behind the scenes. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with their Director of Football Sara Coxon to find out more about the club. Involvement She told us, “I have been involved in the club since I could walk; in fact, actually even before hand! My Dad, Steve Coxon, was the man behind Rutherford AFC and all that it is today. I wasn’t massively into football as a youngster but my little sister Katherine was; she was the reason my Dad first started off the junior section in order for her to have somewhere to play. I then bought in to what the club was about and found my love for it ever since.” The Role “The most challenging aspects of my role are managing all the daily tasks of a football club and balancing that to ensure it doesn’t affect my home life. 84 Issue 75 The most rewarding part of my role at the club is on a weekend, in particular a Saturday morning. We are a central venue for the Gateshead Youth League and seeing all the kids playing a sport they love, laughing, smiling and enjoying it makes me realise that all the hard work is worth it. Our U8’s and U17’s have improved no end this season and aren’t an easy opponent for any team they face anymore.” Atmosphere “The general mood at the club is great. All of our teams are competing each week and we are getting some excellent results reported. Right from our U7’s to our Senior Men’s and Ladies we are stronger than ever this season and that is carrying a great feel good mood throughout the entire club.” 2017/18 “All of our teams are competing each week and some have started off the season extremely well. Both our senior and junior teams have gotten off to some terrific starts seeing score lines in double figures and some absolutely belter goals being scored. Our first team men’s side ended last season just escaping relegation but there’s a big difference now. They are playing some excellent football and despite losing their first two games against the teams currently sitting 1st and 2nd place, they have then embarked on a nine game unbeaten run, winning six and scoring a boatload of goals.”