Football Focus Issue 75 - Page 66

eagle sports FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG Eagle Sports FOOTBALL CLUB Eagle Sports FC is a fine example of a club playing a vital role in their local community. Football Focus Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Danny Nixon to find out more about the good work that has been carried out lately. Involvement He told us, “This is my tenth season with the club as a player and I have been involved off the pitch for around seven years as Secretary and midway through last season, became Player/Manager for our Reserve side. I was brought to the club by a former manager who I had played under at another club and with us playing in the Cheshire Football League, I saw it as a chance to challenge myself to become a regular in the team.” The Role “Seeing the club develop off the pitch as well as on it and safeguarding the club’s future is not only challenging but very rewarding. Ensuring that the club is still in existence in years long after my 66 Issue 75 playing association ends is an exciting challenge. 'B'H[]HX\\H]]B]\[ H]H\[XYB][\ HYH\\[BH][Y[و[[^Y\B[[܈[Y[[\[\[X[\\]\\YB][\ M][ \H\H[Hق]X\X]H\[Y\]\[XYHH[\ۛY[B[Y['H^Y\Z\[]ˈX\Z[]]HY[H]H]YYZ[Y[H[\X\[ܙH[\H[XBXYYHXKH\HZ[Z[H[HY\X[ۜوHXYYHYHX^H[YK]ۙH܈X^XH\[˜[HHH][HX\B]H[وHX\ۋ]Y\Z[[HXH[\\[[\[][]H[[ܛH[و\[X\[Hܝ\[\\YY[ 'B\X\ۈ[]'H\HX\ۈ\Y[]]H܈HXۈH] ][œ[ۈH\[\\\[Y\ˈHYH܈\[ ]8'H\[][\][B[\ܝ[[[[\HB]\HوH[X\[\™[\[H۝[YH]H]X[]B][\