Football Focus Issue 65 - Page 6

Brentford FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAG “We’ve developed a fan zone inside the stadium just for our younger fans where they can meet players, get autographs and photos.” Mark started by telling us about how the partnership came about, saying, “The partnership with our last main sponsor had ended and we were talking with a number of agencies and companies whom were interested in knowing more about how a relationship with Brentford Football Club could benefit them. “888sport moved quickly to firm up their interest and they quickly outlined to us how a partnership with them would benefit both parties. “When looking to partner with a sponsor, you are always keen to find one with whom you feel there is a real connection and with whom ‘you can do business’. After talking at length with them, we felt that about 888sport. They want to do more than just promote themselves to a wide audience and simply get our fans to choose to do their gaming with them. “They are keen football fans, and they have a good understanding of what makes a fan tick and how to build the confidence of our supporters with their brand. The first initiative was their excellent offer of free coach travel to our three away evening games before the end of the year. This will enable around 1200 of our supporters to attend games that perhaps they may not have been able to. “In turn it will provide our players with greater support. And I’m sure will earmark 888sport as a sponsor that understands and wants to support the fans as well as the Club. It goes without saying that the sponsorship fee is also very useful, especially at a Club like Brentford with limited stadium capacity and revenue streams. “We have three evening matches at Aston Villa, Derby County and Bristol City over the next three months. Returning back on the 6 Issue 65